We are

We are a 100% Mexican company, a pioneer in the development of pieces in contemporary concrete. Designers and engineers work together for the design and production of innovative pieces such as lattices, tile for walls and floors, panels, as well as street furniture.

Our history

We are a multidisciplinary group of proudly Mexican professionals with an eye on the rest of the world. Since 2012, we design, manufacture and market various collections made with our concrete Mixcrete ©; which allows us to create unique pieces and be pioneers in contemporary concrete. 



Create unique and high quality designs that inspire the transformation of spaces into works of art.


Ser una empresa líder a nivel mundial en la elaboración de productos en concreto, teniendo como diferenciador nuestros diseños exclusivos.




Have the commitment to offer products of excellence to all our customers.



Offer unique and exclusive designs in the market.




We promote honesty and trust with our customers, members of our company and suppliers.




We consider each member of our company as an important element in the fulfillment of our objectives.




We are committed to improving our community to achieve favorable changes in our environment.

All the designs, logos, photographs and graphic arts shown here are registered under the brand Muro Blanco Concreto S.A. DE C.V. and are protected by the Copyright Law 03-2018-021510304500-14, as well as in the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property. 1460776,1913208,1879705,1827207,1874716,1878129. It is a crime to use, distort, alter, reproduce, display without the consent of the author. All rights reserved. Muro Blanco Concreto S.A. of C.V.

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